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Treasure hunter says he found $3B WWII wreck

the Mesh Report Staff February 1, 2012 149


PORTLAND, Maine – A treasure hunter said Wednesday he has located the wreck of a British merchant ship that was torpedoed by a German U-boat off Cape Cod during World War II while carrying what he claims was a load of platinum bars now worth more than $3 billion.

If the claim proves true, it could be one of the richest sunken treasures ever discovered.

But an attorney for the British government expressed doubt the vessel was carrying platinum. And if it was, in fact, laden with precious metals, who owns the hoard could become a matter of international dispute.

Treasure hunter Greg Brooks of Sub Sea Research in Gorham, Maine, announced that a wreck found sitting in 700 feet of water 50 miles offshore is that of the S.S. Port Nicholson, sunk in 1942.

He said he and his crew identified it via the hull number using an underwater camera, and he hopes to begin raising the treasure later this month or in early March with the help of a remotely operated underwater vessel.

“I’m going to get it, one way or another, even if I have to lift the ship out of the water,” Brooks said.

The claim should be viewed with skepticism, said Robert F. Marx, an underwater archaeologist, maritime historian and owner of Seven Seas Search and Salvage LLC in Florida. Both an American company and an English company previously went after the contents of the ship years ago and surely retrieved at least a portion, Marx said. The question is how much, if any, platinum is left, he said.

“Every wreck that is lost is the richest wreck lost. Every wreck ever found is the biggest ever found. Every recovery is the biggest ever recovery,” Marx said.

Brooks said the Port Nicholson was headed for New York with 71 tons of platinum valued at the time at about $53 million when it was sunk in an attack that left six people dead. The platinum was a payment from the Soviet Union to the U.S. for war supplies, Brooks said. The vessel was also carrying gold bullion and diamonds, he said.

Brooks said he located the wreck in 2008 using shipboard sonar but held off announcing the find while he and his business partners obtained salvage rights from a federal judge. Salvage rights are not the same as ownership rights, which are still unsettled.

Britain will wait until salvage operations begin before deciding whether to file a claim on the cargo, said Anthony Shusta, an attorney in Tampa, Fla., who represents the British government. He said it is unclear if the ship was even carrying any platinum.

“We’re still researching what was on the vessel,” he said. “Our initial research indicated it was mostly machinery and military stores.”

The U.S. government has not weighed in on the court case yet, and Brooks said he doubts that will happen, since the Soviets eventually reimbursed Washington for the lost payment.

A U.S. Treasury Department ledger shows that the platinum bars were on board, Brooks said, and his underwater video footage shows a platinum bar surrounded by 30 boxes that he believes hold four to five platinum ingots each. But he has yet to bring up any platinum, saying his underwater vessel needs to retrofitted to attach lines to the boxes, which would then be hoisted to the surface by winch.

“Of course there are skeptics,” he said. “There’s skeptics on everything you do.”

Maritime law is complicated, and there could be multiple claims on the ship’s contents.

After the sinking of the HMS Edinburgh, an English warship carrying Soviet gold bullion as a payment to the allies during World War II, England, the U.S. and the Soviet Union had claims on the sunken treasure, Marx said. A consortium that owned the salvage vessel was given 10 percent of the prize, while the rest was shared by the other parties, he said.

In other big finds, treasure hunter Mel Fisher made international headlines in 1985 when he discovered a $450 million mother lode of precious metals and gemstones from a Spanish galleon that went down off Florida in 1622.

In another case, a Tampa exploration company has been ordered by the courts to return $500 million worth of treasure from a Spanish warship to Spain. The ship was sunk by the British navy during a battle off Portugal in 1804.

Associated Press writer David Sharp in Portland, Maine, and researcher Barbara Sambriski in New York contributed to this story.

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  • el motero

    As usual, Governments have REAL people do REAL work and then steal – excuse me “claim” the items.

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  • Anonymous

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  • flintlock1949

    It’s amazing how governments like to lay claim to treasures they gave up as lost so many years ago. Brooks would have been smarter to have kept his mouth shut and recovered as much as he could, keeping it secret until he, and the treasure, were beyond the greedy, grasping hands of the Governments concerned! If He and his crew take all the risk, they are the ones entitled to ALL the reward!

    • Paulblais

      Been doing it for 35 years and still can’t spell “builder”?

      • Helmutt

        I’ll bet you have few friends.

      • KWI Astyanax

        Just reading that response was far more entertaining than the article. LOL.

  • Tim

    Moral of the story….If you find sunken treasure, shut the hell up.

    • jack_sprat2

      It can’t be done that way. more’s the pity. Deep water salvage is horribly expensive, requires the use of scarce people and material resources that are jealously watched by rivals, criminals, and tax authorities alike. Partners to share the expenses need to be approached, sold, and chosen. The salvage itself requires long planning and lead times, which makes keeping secrets difficult at best. Failure to cross one’s T’s and dot one’s i’s, in the event of discovery, could conceivably result in a judge punishing the salvage firm with little or none of the plunder to offset their expenses.

    • TheCommenterz

      Recover, Melt, Sell. Tell people you found it in your back yard. 

      • Sharkblood

        the goverment will still take it. sorry, steal it.

  • CADET35


    • jack_sprat2

       No, it’s a simple case of ‘might makes right’.

    • GovermentalThives

      hell ya it is!

  • Jibber Yoda

    it is DISTURBING to think that government thinks they have ANY right to this. if they found it they would, but not otherwise. anything lost at sea, belongs to the sea and whoever later finds it.

    • jack_sprat2

       Ah, youth. I only vaguely remember the dreams that led to those nocturnal emissions. Thanks for bringing back their memory.

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  • Brett

    Ít´s getting to the point,that the Government think they OWN all of us little hard working individuals,and all of what we find after 100´s of YEARS of looking for it…And Not Finding it THIER- SELVES!!!!!

    • funkyonion

      North American nationals need to start announcing to state and fed employees that they work for us.

      It seems most people have forgot that.

  • Paulie

    They want to claim what I found then I would dump it back in the ocean and tell them to fetch it.

  • Organbuilder

    Even if s ship is sunk it still has owners, and so does the cargo aboard. If the insurance company paid, the ship is their property and so is the cargo. Salvage rights give a person the legal right to try to recover the ship and cargo within. It does not transfer ownership. The Salvor can then lay claim to a partion of the vlue of the recovery based on danger, difficulty and outright cost of salvage operations. This claim can be negotiated between the owners and the salvors. Example – you car has a flat, you leave it by riadside, someone comes along, repairs the flat. He can ask for fees for services but he does not own your car. This is a little simplistic but that is the basics of maritime law.

    • TuckerMaxx

      yeah if you left your car 100 years ago… sure.. makes sense then…

      • Faceit

        It goes both ways. An owner doesn’t just have a claim on the ship, they also have a responsibility. For example, the many Japanese warships sunk in US waters during WWII are starting to leak oil. Guess who has to pay to clean them up? Yep, Japan. And if the US happens to salvage one, guess who it belongs to? Yep, Japan. These treasure ships are not abandoned. Their owner is known regardless of how long ago they sank. By the same reasoning, I don’t have to visit my land 3 states away for hundreds of years, but heirs and I (if alive) still maintain ownership. Yes, squatters may try to move in, but my lawyer can clear them off through the courts without me paying any attention at all. It is the same thing that goes on with sunken ships. International Law protects the owner. So yes, it does make sense. Failure to physically touch does not indicate abandonment.

        • Mymailaddress

          Actually, realestate law says if a person is using the land open and hostile ,meaning using it and you do nothing to try to stop him, after seven years in most states it is his and all he has to do is claim it. That is how easments for driveways become the property of the one using it.

          • http://twitter.com/mcsey Micah Seymour

            First off what a bad faith forum.  Faceit makes a decent analogy and clears your squatters with lawyers, yet s/he gets called names.

            Faceit, how does length of time (as in centuries) figure in?  The owner of 1942 or even 1742 ship is probably pretty easy to ascertain.  What about a 500 year old ship or a Roman Empire era vessel?

            edit: and allow me to call myself an idiot. This should be inline with Mymailaddress, not threaded underneath it.

        • Catfish Mann

          If the taxes are not paid on the land for even one year, you will see who really owns it!!!  You rent your land from the government via property taxes.  Stop paying and it will be auctioned by the government.

          • RonJohn

            I think you should be able to keep your land you didn’t pay taxes on, but be arrested if you drive on tax-funded roadways. And you don’t get police or fire department protection. You don’t get to use public parks, and of course, your kids don’t go to public schools. Okay?

        • Robzon69

          Bad Example-Squatters CAN claim RE after they show they’ve been there long enough-undisturbed…Save the Analogies for fully conscious people-you’re not to good at it…

      • Satircaloldfart

        Good point TuckerMaxx!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M5BR7A5OFZEZLF7HY6P7PO7GCY TBD

       Doubtful that an insurer would pay off a war loss.

    • Pwn3d

      Did they care to look for it? Clearly no. If he found it lost for YEARS it should be his

  • Dave R

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  • Westcoast Reality

    Thank god, this glut of platinum might bring the price down so bums don’t keep ripping off my catalytic converter on my truck! There is a gem of a wreck coming ashore soon in BC, from Japan, imagine the bounty of glass balls on that thing!

    • Robzon69

      What century do you live in? What “glut” are you speaking of? You are insane! Platinum is in top 30 of Periodic Elements to soon be extinct-though at current use rates, it may happen After Silver (7-30yrs., depending on Emerging Countries). Platinum is far more rare than gold…A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and you have very little…

  • The Negotiator

    Why does Fisher already have rights to anything found off Florida waters that’s crap, these guys will get ripped off by one of the governments for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/belugabilliards Beluga PoolHall

    If I were the guy, I’d say, “hey, if I don’t get the goodies, then I’m not going to bother telling anyone here it is.”

    • Llagunamuniz

      IAfter reading the presiding statements I agree with you up to 50% of the whole treasure
      .Of course agter getting all the paypars signed up by the designated court.

  • bull run

    Under international law, all ships sunk during naval engagements, cannot be salvaged. They are under that country’s ownership.

    • LiberalsRdishonest

      Not true…….

  • Gerardpetrocelli

    Why did that Tampa exploration company have to give the gold back to Spain,when the Spanish murdered and robbed the South American people of THEIR GOLD. I think if it had to returned to a government then it should have been returned to the people it was stolen from.

    • Cathouse

       They are all dead

      • Satircaloldfart

        So are all the Spainiards living in 1804.

    • LiberalsRdishonest

      Because according to WIKILEAKS documents Obama administration made a backroom deal with spain to do so even before it went to trail………his judge did what he wanted to do which was make spain love him………

      • Satircaloldfart


  • crusader2010

    Another reason to officially find nothing and melt what you do find into bullion. screw the courts.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TTZXVJQMYJ6PTQ7EFNUOWNWIC4 Rick

    “and then i discovered this empty old ship sank right on top of my great grandpa’s underwater platinum mine “

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DH44HSU4CFMUEKVT2SBJ73YXQI health1_au

    Oh sure… the FIRST thing I am going to do if I find billions of dollars is….. ANNOUNCE IT TO THE PUBLIC!! DUH!!!

    None of you mutts, nor you government parasites, would hear a peep out of me! You’d also see FAR less of me. 

    • LiberalsRdishonest

      Esp for platinum………easily converated in fact do not even tell the IRS just get it sold overseas (he has his own ship) transfer the money to banks in Bahamas used by senior democrats or supporters like Sorros you know his majesty is not going to investagate those and live well……….

    • Sean1151


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Crosby/100002627612882 David Crosby

    We should let the Indigenous people’s of America use a couple old Nukes and a B52 and let them have at Spain for what they did to the Indians and everyone else…Spain needs removed from Earth..It’s only just…

    • obpirate

      “Spain” didn’t do anything to “the indigenous people’s of America.”

      Some of the ancestors of some Spaniards did some things to some of the ancestors of some of the indigenous people of America. Some ancestors of some of the indigenous people of America did some things to some of the ancestors of some of the Spaniards. Some of the ancestors of some of the Spaniards did some things to each other. Finally, some of the ancestors of some of the indigenous people of America did some things to each other.

      Suggesting that we should encourage people currently living to kill other people currently living because of some awful things which may or may not have been done by some of their antecedents is absurd and destructive and further is so off topic as to be ludicrous. 

      When you abstract ethnic hate to this level you gloss over a significant amount of pertinent fact. All you could possibly accomplish is to spread the amount of hate and violence in a world already too ready to hate.

      Man, you are suggesting removing an entire nation from the earth.

      • Thedragonking

        How in the hell did you discover land that already have people living on it?

      • AlexanderArcovio

        is that why we should forgive the white man today for what he did to the slaves.

        • obpirate

          “The white man?”

          Abstracting a set of ethnic groups who existed over several millennia down to a single person leads one to absurd conclusions.

          It is not a single person who “did things” to slaves. Some people who were white had slaves at some time in the past. That has nothing to do with anyone living in the western world today.

          Keep in mind also that slavery was not limited to white owners or black slaves. Black owners in the American south held black slaves. Slavery has existed in most civilizations and most races throughout history, including some pretty brutal forms of slavery engaged in by the indigenous people of America. Black Africans held white slaves in Africa long after white Europeans and Americans had stopped holding slaves in Europe and America. Should we “forgive the black man today for what he did to the slaves?”The only unique element of “the white man” with regard to slavery is that Europeans and Americans of European decent are the only recorded examples of people dying in war to end slavery of other people with whom they share no ethnic or cultural history.

          • AlexanderArcovio

            ANYONE BUT OBAMA

          • AlexanderArcovio


          • Maladjusted4

            The Civil war had nothing to do with freeing Slaves, nor did Lincoln free any Slaves in The US, he freed them in states at war with the US. The Civil War was fought over states right or nonright to leave the United States of America

          • nut bar in you

             those states wanted to leave due to slavery being abolished, so we’re right back to where the argument started.  Study history a little bit further than the first 2 paragraphs of the textbook next time.

          • NotFooled

            To Maladjusted4:
            You must be a southerner, they like to spread this lie to justify their patriotism to the Confederacy, it’s a lie and everyone knows it, the only “state right” the southern states cared about was the “right” to own slaves. Your propaganda has no effect on the educated, now why don’t you go troll the Ford F150 forums like a nice fat redneck and leave the intelligent conversation for the northerners? Thanks Maladjusted4.

    • LiberalsRdishonest

      are you crazy? the indeigeonous peoples (like Aztecs) were pretty much warring raping pillaging and doing to each other before spain ever got here that being said I would rather give Israel a few nukes and nuke subs……..

      • gearloose

        Israel already has them . . .

    • Satircaloldfart

      Hogwash!  The indigenous people were evern more vicious and nasty that the Spainards.  The Spainards were no worse in their treatment of the SA indigenous people than the settlers of this country were in the treatment if NA indigenous people.
      Violence of one people to another is as old as the hstory of organized humans.  It is a characteristic of humanity.   For the present to apologize for the past is silly.

  • wildbill46

    This fellow sounds more like a little ego-driven puppy than a starving dog sniffing for a big bone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Schneider/100000264866600 Eric Schneider

    One thing I don’t get is why did the company who was orderd to return the gold to Spain not just go back to where they found it and dump it into the ocean?

    If Spain wants it they can go get it.

    • geoh777

      That sure would be returning it.

    • LiberalsRdishonest

      They were forced by the courts to store it securely do a full accounting then help spain load it on the trucks for the airport thank you Obama administration backdoor deal (info via wikileaks secret cables) with spain.

      • gearloose

         This indeed happened.  The US/Spain deal was played out in kangaroo court–salvors never had a chance!

  • LiberalsRdishonest

    Obama administration already gave spain back a treasure found by an American company in international waters recently this guy better lose some of his find or Obama will give it all away so foreigners will love us, I imagine the UN will stake a claim on it and his majesty will capitulate..

  • LiberalsRdishonest

    Obama will ensure Sorros gets a cut…..

    • Wildcat66buick

      ” When everybody is thinking the same … no one is thinking.” Clearly, Teapublicans meet this criteria in spades.

      • Robzon69

        As do Demoncrats-or is it Republicrats? All politicians are corrupt. All “citizens” of America are really under Crown rule-Florida under Spain-likely why it was returned to them, Maine under British Crown-why this will likely go to them after Salvage lien. It’s only in 700ft of water-you all think you could sneak it away… As much as I hate it, the risks were greater than the potential rewards-the salver will be a multi-millionaire-10% of $3billion ($30mil) is better than 100% of nothing-which is what all you peoples’ greed would get you. OMG- I bet you all still think our Constitution is still the Law of the land-lol… There’s a good reason Obombya reveres Lincoln so much-had he not suspended the Constitution, Barry could NEVER been President. Sad to see somewhat educated people so uneducated where it matters-your only concern should be TRYING to get Ron Paul in office before Obombya starts a war with Iran and suspends elections by executing E.O.s already on the books…

        • LiberalsRdishonest

          All politicians are not corrupt there are even one or two democrats that are not corrupt…….

          • Satircaloldfart

            Name them?

        • DiggyDon-dada

          Ron Paul is AWESOME… but Americans and our Idiocracy dont seem to want to understand the truth and will continue to elect Presidents as if it were the High School Popularity Contest.
          If you dont love Ron Paul, I urge you to go check out his WWW.
          This guy doesnt play games with hot button topics, he addresses REAL problems including where our govt is running illegal operations.

          • Gary

            Ron Paul supporters ARE the idiocracy.

        • Bobbbb (still) Bitchen

           Why am I hearing a movie quote?

          “You are a sad, sad little man.”

      • LiberalsRdishonest

        Obama already took one USA treasure hunter’s treasure and gave it to spain…….the US business Oddessy Marine spent a fortune finding it, recovering it in international waters there was no ship left it had degraded to nothing but piles of coins and WIKI leaks proved there was a backdoor deal with the Obama administration to scre –w the American business…………which is what this administration does, they are the worst in historey, NO ADMINISTRASTION IN HISTORY has spent more or lied more………none.  HIs broken campaign promises alone are in the hundreds……..I think five hundred and counting……

        • nut bar in you

           Only Bush’s administration beats Obama’s in the lies and screwing over the rights of Americans.

          Next would be Reagan, Johnson and Nixon.

  • MiamiEddy


    • jime1




  • Jasndetroit

    The truth, in almost all of these cases, is the ship and its treasures (unlike real estate property) are ‘lost’. So that they donot know their whereabouts and cannot salvage (lay hand on) it. It is wholey unfair to deny ‘finders’ recovery rights, since the property lies on the seabed- which is obviously not owned by any nation. Why would they then- simply by mutual decree- have any claiming right whatsoever? The fact is the salvagers should all conspire to refuse acknowledgement of any and all such ‘finds’ til nations ‘decree’ better terms.

    • DonDon

      you are all looking at it from the wrong pespective.. Yes, it sounds un-fair that a salvage does not get to keep everything. But, if it were your ship, you would feel different. 

      If your scenario were the way it is, NOBODY could sell anything overseas, if you shipped me a new billion dollar “wiget” I would simply sink your boat a mile or so from my shores and owe you nothing and have myself a new “wiget” and you would be out a lot of money

      The Maritime laws are international and serve everyones needs.  

      • vincent nelson

        just 2 things to consider.

        1.  the “owners” have abandoned the bounty by neglecting to even try to “find” the material lost.  i dont know what exact length of time would constitute “abandoning”, but clearly several hundred years of not trying would indicate an abandonment.  

        if you sank my boat then you would be criminal and would face consequences, and according to many current laws, you can not legally profit from criminal activity.  so no, you wouldnt get to keep my widget.

        if however, you sunk my boat, and i did NOTHING for hundreds of years to find the boat or file any legal claim, and then some third party reclamation company put forth the risk and money and actually found my boat, i couldnt reasonably, (and would probably be dead hundreds of years from now) expect that widget to be returned to me at that point.

        none of the cases listed above is an example of a salvage entity committing the crime of sinking these ships purposefully and then waiting over a hundred years to find the bounty and then lay legal claim to it.  that even sounds ridiculous.

        2.  i most every other legal scenario, there is a concrete statute of limitations.

        clearly there needs to be one in this situation, maybe even two.  there needs to be a statute of limitations that is concrete in time, and one that extends to a specified time forward in relation to the “owner” clearly abandoning his efforts to reclaim the lost items.

        again, im not sure what those time limits should be, but a hundred years or more should satisfy the requirements for both.

  • cm6096

    So the facts… the metal was payment to the US from the Soviet Union and it was carried on a British ship.  The Soviet Union made another payment to cover the lost material.  So since the US is no longer owed the payment, they shouldn’t be able to claim ownership.  Britain only provided transport, so they never owned it, so they have no claim.  And the Soviet Union no longer exists to make a claim that it is theirs…  Sounds like “Finders Keepers” to me.

    • Robzon69

      The Insurers have claim, you dolt-duh! omg, I g2g b4 u awl dum me down 2 yer lefels…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYFCPNCEHC2LLIRS76HVOTBZMI 2012FanClub

    Makes one wonder : “….how much is really reported?…” and for good cause: you risk your life, you spend your resources, and then big government comes in for the spoils?  Is this not ironic, given the vast resources available to these governments ( deep sea submersibles, support vessels, trained personnel, etc.)….”parasitism” would best describe the behavior exhibited by claimant governments. 

    • Mikey

      They should simply say the previous salvors from America and England got it all and there is nothing left.

  • fedup

    well the republicans are doing it again,last presidential elkection our choice was between a liberal republican and a liberal democrat ,of course we did not find out tull after the election that the democrat was a dedicated marxist.now it looks like our choice is either the follower of carl marx or a mass.screaming liberal pretending to be conservative,no one desires to glance at his record the fools just listen to his lies.i am tired of being forced to vote for lhe barely lesser of two evils

    • Robzon69

      Then vote Ron Paul-he IS our last hope to reclaim our Constitutional Republic… Had you done more research-all you sheeple-Obombya NEVER would have been treasonously in the White House…

      • Billpuckett

        Ron Paul couldn’t get elected even if he was the only one running.  Unfortunately at this point, the BEST thing Ron and Newt can do is to give all of their delegates to Rick Santorum because at the moment, Rick Santorum is the only one who has even a slight chance to beat Romney. As for the platinum, big government will eventually win out, just wait and see.

        • surrounded by idiots

           Santorum is an even BIGGER nut bar who wants to take away all our rights and turn the US into another Iran (country run by religion and a religious zealot).

          Separation of Church and state, first and foremost ALWAYS.

  • LiberalsRdishonest

    Obama scre—w the American businessman like he did Oddessy Marine. Backdoor deals non transparency and spend it like water what Obama does oh and lie lie lie…….

  • racks

    these guys are dumbasses. they should’ve just kept the treasure and not told the media or goverments anything.

  • Drocnoc

    You were never very good at this sort of thing. I mean two George Ws and what did he give you. I think the vote for President should now be a more international thing as the result can have severe implications for other countries. My vote is definitely with Obama. By comparison the other runers seem more like comedians from an American T.V. show

    • timbo44

        The Clintons were the first people to bring up the fact that the birth certificate is phony and that Obama is not a natural born citizen. This occurred during the 2008 campaign and it is supposition that for dropping the issue Hillary was awarded the Secy of State spot. And how exactly is she qualified to be Secy of State? Zip, zero, nada experience in anything, she couldn’t even control her rapist husband. Travelgate, White Water, lying before Congress over 50 times at one Congressional hearing alone because she “couldn’t recall” dozens of item when she was first lady.

      • funkyonion

        A best friend of the Clinton’s was killed over it. The message was that Bill was next. The Clinton’s conceded. That sounds like treason to me. Bill owes it to our nation to expose this. Our country has been hijacked!

    • msksan

       George W. (Washington), gave us independence. As far as international voting for the USA president- Ha Ha Ha. How much in taxes did you pay to the USA? You clearly know nothing about what Obama or Romney stand for, the last thing the USA needs is international know nothing Obama Zombies

    • Surflaunch115

      Let me get this straight!
      You actually think that we should let foriegn nationals in foriegn countries vote for the president of the United States!!
      What the f%&K is wrong with you?

    • Pstew96

      Nobody asked for your vote, and thank goodness you don’t get one!

  • Spinner85

    According to maritime salvage law, the finder of the sunken treasure is the owner of the treasure.

  • Judyallenuk

    good luck to you mate, if you get much send a little to me i could youse it. judyallenuk@gmail.com.

  • Satricaloldfart

    There should be an international statute of limitations on ownership claims by countries and companies on the cargos of ships lost at sea, etc.  If the Spaniards were so damn interested in findfing their treasure, they should have financed undersea salvage operations long ago.  The judge who awarded the Spanish the whole thing is a consumate jackass.

  • Wall9

    In regards to the Tampa exploration company that was ordered by the courts to return $500 million worth of treasure from a Spanish warship to Spain.  Spain was in the process of looting South America and not only took the lives of many of the indians but forced them to process the gold and silver ore they took from them.  Now our Government sides with the Conquistador thieves and does not recognize the talent, money and effort that went to the locating of this treasure.  Our courts are really out of touch with reality.

  • Robert

    It say’s the Platinum was from Russia to the U.S for war materials, probably lend lease. It also say’s that due to the sinking, Russia later reimbursed the U.S for the lost payment. Would not Russia be entitled to at least the 1942 value of the payment? And Britain’s ship was probably reimbursed in some other way already.

  • EdgarLongenecker

        Right… And all the pony soldiers gold, was stolen by fake shipments, and  massacres, to cover up the fact that the govern   mentals, embezzled it, then sunk the charade, into doublespeak…. while salivating over all the gold that was not…

  • Tngbrfan

    they are both great politicans, to bad one is not a public  servant.

  • http://media.nola.com/tpphotos/photo/9346409-standard.jpg bondmen

     Finders keepers, losers weepers!  If the “old owners” wanted the treasure then why did they not look for it and spend what’s necessary to raise it?  They’ve abandoned it and new finders should be the rightful owners.  After all it was their hard work and expenditure of time and cash that brought it up from Davey Jones’ Locker.

  • Curtis Foy

    Finders keepers, I say.  Were it not for this guy going to get it, it would remain at the bottom of the sea.  

  • Dan

    Does seem crazy that the spanish can steal the gold and silver, leave it on the ocean floor for 400 years…someone finds it and brings it up and the spanish say “mine all mine”

    • Pstew96

      The Spanish can steal the gold and silver and kill the natives and still be rewarded. That’s because our spineless Govt’ wont defend its citizens because of PC, they only go for the easy money. DOJ is only interested in race issues.  Why do the treasure hunters announce their finds anyways? Baffling!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JPSY7QAP6TCANYSZURRV64X63I Jeff B

    Haven’t maritime rules established finders keepers rule or do they renig when large amounts of money are found? Spain has no claim to gold stolen from Central America. 

  • Expo

    when you find somrthing of value don`t tell anyone period.

  • masimons

    Split it with John Cameron and you can have it all it in a couple weeks. He’ll have a sub pick it up underwater so no one even knows its gone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hellfighter-Mark-Steel/100000946065866 Hellfighter Mark Steel

    Hey Expo, Have you ever heard of the word, ‘integrity”? The rough definition of it is “doing what is right, even when no one is looking”. Greedy, self centered jerks like you…….well, I think you know where I am going with my opinion of you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Mias/100002429140338 Justin Mias

    Diz gots 2 be sum craze sheet, if in i was da one ho b findin this sheet, i be keeipin it allz for me selfins dang man ……

    Hooked on Ebonics, not Phonics……

    Justin M. MBA

    • purnellmeagre

      how does someone so lame get around ?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SGKMQLWEXJRJA6VM72BGJ7JNJQ Richard

    What ever happened to finders keepers  losers weepers ?   Lying lawyers got involved. You know what a lawyer in the bottom of the ocean is ?   A really good start….  

    • tcmotown

      Finders keepers?  What are you, 9?

  • Ronald Regan

    HAHAHA the comments are funny as hell

  • funkyonion

    So what if it was refined uranium they salvaged? Who owns it then?

  • Wallygeez

    The British Government will let this idiot bring up the hoard, then take them to court (and win!). The best thing this guy could have done is NEGOTIATE a deal with the Brits in advance of bringing it up! 

  • zaphodb

    Classic: The British government will let him do all the hard work to recover cargo they abandoned a long time ago, and then say “mine”.

  • Lanecurington8

    We need government and buisinesses to function but I have to agree with you el motero that in too many cases powerful entities, in this case governments, want way too much of what shouldn’t be theirs. As I get older I just get more disgusted with the greed in the world. some people and groups think what’s mine is mine and whats yours is mine. The second thing that disturbs me is reading the inane and nasty comments that take up so much energy and time of some people. Everyone, many of the commenters included, could have better, more meaningful lives if they would do something constructive instead of the pointlessly destructive. Well our species hopefully in fits and starts will slowly evolve into something to be proud of. At the moment it as best a mixed bag, but i have hope.  

  • Sandy Castor

    I love stories like  this. I just finished reading “SHADOW DIVERS” wrtten  by Robert Kurson, and the divers  stories. It was about the U-boat U-869, believed to have been lost near GIBRALTOR. However it was found just off the coast of New Jersey, wonderful reading.
    I will continue to keep up with  your developments, and success.

    Carpe Diem,
    Sandy  Castor
    Carson City,NV 89705

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GBY67FRUSVJ2MM75TIXL7M2AWE JoanneB

    It is highly unlikely that he will be able to keep the cargo that is in the sunken ship. It is at the country that owned the ship’s descretion to allow him to keep the contents. Usually people have to pay millions to keep what they found within a ship before they even can see what was inside it. He won’t get what he hopes.

  • Joe

    Arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics……..even if you win, you are still retarded.